Saturday, 4 October 2008

Po tree in times of high alert.

In Case Of Emergency

In case of emergency
Break my glass
I will salve, protect, smash
crash, bash, abolish...


Have you ever put back
What you
Broke out?

Bugger isn't it?

(In Case Of Emergency: T. Bush (c) 2001)


Val said...

ha ha no! so very true.

Janelle said...

oh babes..your last two poignant...and far reaching. thanks! beautiful beautiful poem...more please. xxx janelle

Reya Mellicker said...

I've tried many times to put the hatchet back into the cupboard, tried gluing the bits of glass back together, oh yeah I have tried.

The smashing is always so dramatic and seems necessary every time. The aftermath is a different story.

Humpty dumpty

Suzie said...

Is this about sex?

Chimera said...

Thanks Val, Janelle, Humpty..and Susie you have a one track with it what you will!
T xxx