Sunday, 7 December 2008

Thin Ice

Today I went for a walk and found myself in a bit of a bind. The sunshine was brilliant. Unfortantely so brilliant my damaged retinas couldn’t cope. This combined with ice on the tarmac and my hangover (pub last night for National Novel Writing people's party) and transformed a simple stroll into an extreme sport. I had however got to a point where I couldn’t turn back… and blindness equidistant either way. It became rather nerve wracking and I had to get out my cane and kind of punt myself along or cling to the railing by the riverside. A couple of times people passing very thoughtfully pointed out that it was ‘slippery as glass’ before skidding away and a dashing jogger (dashing in the Jane Austen sense as opposed to the commuter sense) paused to pant heavily and discuss his bleeding knee. He sweetly presented it to me like a ten year old. I would have got out my scars too for more bonding but was too busy trying to keep upright.

It is a strange feeling to know you have no way around something dangerous but will have to just soldeir on through. It happens to me quite a bit and it is always a weight that I feel, almost a sadness, not exhileration. The weight is a like iron though and ultimately becomes the strength I need to get home.

Blast..I should have got the jogger's number... ho hum.


Katherine said...

Yes! Next time take a pen and notebook! Glad you made it home ok, 'tho'.

tam said...

urgh what a grind. like that feeling when you hit a patch of mud in a tired landrover and just know that it gets worse up ahead and you can't turn around.
Strange, i also had an encounter with a startlingly well constructed jogger yesterday, who asked me to direct him back to Seapoint. Words always fail us in these moments..

family affairs said...

That jogger should have been more concerned about getting you back safely than his bloody don't want his number x

Nao said...

Glad your okay, blinding sun and ice is a bad combination for anyone. As for the Jogger, I agree with Family Affairs.

Chimera said...

Thats kind of you all. Not the jogger's fault really. I do put out the 'I'm FINE. Back off' vibes rather too often. More soon when the ice melts,

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm glad you made it safely over the ice. Yikes!!

Are you missing the novel writing?

Chimera said...

Oh yes Reya! I am absolutely bereft without my daily immersion in my novel. Actually depressed! I am waiting on a friendly editor's first read through but am itiching to get back in and then start on the next one!
T xx