Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Packing Up (Lusaka tomorrow)

It is late and I am not packed. I can’t quite seem to get my head straight. I feel fragile, insubstantial..like the spit bubble of a baby, or a moth caught out in rain. I am not anxious or sad just out of time... waiting. image from internet
Earlier today I sat in my novel seminar at Bath Spa Uni peering at my group through vision all smoky. Some days my sight makes me feel as if I am separated from everyone, held behind a screen of smoked grey glass, looking on. It’s lonely when it’s like that. They,-all my group that is, are writing work that leaps and bounces from the page; faster and more eloquent and more lyrical each week.
'Burkha' (c) T. Bush 08
I on the other hand, am having a hard time wringing more then 2000 words a week and it feels lack lustre compared.
‘I have got to up my game!’ I think. But today I couldn’t dwell on it. I had to get to back to Cambridge.
Grace and I leapt up spilling bits of paper, poop bags, biros and small change everywhere. The workshop ground to a halt at which point Grace, somewhat like the Queen, went around to each individual to say good-bye grinning and bestowing blessings. She does celebrity remarkably well.
We bussed and trained and hooched it back home..it only took four hours ..and then the lovely Guide Dog woman came and then it was just me here and the suitcase which looks like a sensible shape until you try to pack it. 'Grace' (c) T. Bush 09
I can’t fit my sandals in. Even if I fold them..which is bloody difficult.

Tomorrow I will NOT ask for assistance at the airport as they have a habit of taking ‘the disabled’ and herding them into ‘Disabled Holding Pens’. A nice quiet area you would think would be a good thing, away from the push and shove of the shopping quadrangle of Heathrow but remember these are for ‘Disabled’ people. Disabled people just sit and drool. We are not supposed to need anything but condescension and prune juice. In this quiet area there are no working areas, no lap top plug ins, no decent coffee machines and worst of all considering if you are a disabled it is the one thing you NEED to do when travelling....nowhere to drink! So no holding pen for me.
Image from internet Nope! Even without Grace I intend to stagger around knocking all the shelves over and wacking into small children and wheelie cases until I can find a decent Bloody Mary. Hopefully I will get to the right gate on time.
Zambia here I come!
image from internet


The Bug said...

Oh I'm jealous! Please take lots of pictures while you're there. And good luck getting that Bloody Mary in time!

Katherine said...

Bon Voyage! Have adventures!

Val said...

travel safe and have a FABULOUS trip x

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip and a wonderful Christmas. Here's to Africa sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip! And don't forget to count your blessings! There are so many, you know.

tam said...

Have a fab time darlin, and love to all the usual suspects. Sadly I don't think I will be heading further north than pretoria, but will think of you often. sigh.

Miranda said...

You are fab and don't you forget it! Kiss Zambia for me