Monday, 31 May 2010

Pooling Resources

There has been a disruption in my blog flow and I must apologise. I am having a rather hard time with a minor bout of depression due to my continually walking into things I am sure I wasn’t walking into a few months ago. This, exam-material hand-in-time, Tories, Dad’s illness, phone bills, and weariness from the Bath-Cambridge commute have all conspired to dull any creativity or witty banter these last couple of weeks. But fear not! Summer has struck and I am rallying.

Iris In Rain (c) T. Bush 2010

Also I am happy to report that Dad has got through his first stages of treatment and although it was very tough and at times pretty hairy (well no longer ‘hairy’ sadly...but it will grow back..) he did it and the doctors did him proud! He is on a rest now for another couple of weeks to build his strength and weight back for the stem cell infusion. His partner D has been by his side all through this time and doing an excellent job of care, cajoling and encouraging. She is force feeding him steak and chips as I type!

Last weekend was glorious and although I was stuck inside on the computer I thought it only fair to buy Grace a paddling pool as she was struggling a little in the heat. Being a black dog she absorbs heat like an fat eskimo in a burkha.
At first she wasn’t sure.
Suspicous in fact...

But then she figured it out. (check the tail wag!)
Grace and Pool x 2 (c) T. Bush 2010


Esther Rachma said...

you made me smile - feels odd that you won't be here this week I miss both you and grace

Chimera said...

Thanks Rachma! You gotta coem and try the pool!
T xx

Susan at Stony River said...

I'm so glad your Dad is doing well -- when you weren't around I feared the worst. He's lucky to have you all behind him!

And Grace seems happy too -- I'm glad your summer's looking up!

Janelle said...

hey t, glad to hear your dad doing ok...sweet paddlin' pool too!! happy you're not too down and that summers there... lots lots love xxx j

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Love from pam guhrs. So glad Mike is doing ok.

tam said...

hope the blues clear up soon dear. And ditto on the news of your dad. Steak and chips! That should put hair back on his head. Lots of love and thinking of you.