Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mooning over my Dog!

Dear All, photo: 'Solstice Dog 2010' (c) T Bush 2010

Grace is three today! A winter solstice dog and especially for her an eclipse! a moon eclipse. There was a total eclipse of the sun on my 30th birthday on the summer solstice a few (okay..more than a 'few') years ago....freaky huh? Anyway she doth love the snow and eats as much of it as she can reach but working in it is not possible as there are now no defined kerbs and everything smells different and a dog just can't concentrate dammit!

So we are safely holed up in Radsock for the Xmas week and want to wish you all a warm and loving time of it. Sending love to my cousin who goes into surgery tomorrow, to all my family and friends dotted around the world and to all the wonderful people who check in on me from time to time on this 'ere blog. It has been a pleasure writing for you this year!

Keeping this short as I am sure you are all busy mixing cocktails and trying to work out cooking times per kilo for the turkey you have weighed in pounds. More soon but now there is the season finale of CSI: Miami to watch (research you know....purely research..cough cough..)

Much much love and be careful out there,

Tanvi and Grace.


The Bug said...

What a great picture of Grace! We always knew she was special, but her auspicious birthday proves it.

I'm glad you're holed up safe & warm. Tomorrow we are heading from Ohio to spend the holiday with our family in North Carolina (about a 7.5 hour drive). I'm PRETTY sure we'll be safe there & will definitely be warmer!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy Christmas to you and Grace!

And I can concur with your previous posts, wheelchairs in airports - very patronising. Although they do help to beat the queues!

Anonymous said...

As we say in Hawaii:



to you and Grace!

Chimera said...

Thanks Bug,
North carolina sounds great...and deliciously hot too! Hope you have a safe trip and a lovely stay! Love T x
Hi Mud,
How ARE you love? What actually happened and are you alright now? (Yep - def beats the queues...hhmmm)
T x
Hi Gigi and thank you for the warm Hawaiian wishes! Could surely do wiht some heat over here. not a huge fan of snow after the prettiness factor has worn thin...
Much love to you and your families,
T xxx

Val said...

i cant believe Grace is three already! hope you celebrated properly with her :) she is gorgeous!
enjoy the rest of the festive season. good idea to stay off the sidewalks! xx

Amrita said...

Merry Xmas T! Don't stop writing/blogging please. Wishing you and Grace a very Happy New Year. love, Amrita

karen said...

Hi, I am very late here, but just dropping in to wish you and Grace a very happy New year, and hoping 2011 will be an excellent year..