Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Acting the Goat part two.

This is a picture of the actual me with the actual goat of the last post. Note the glint in her eye...note the collar...(I didn't realise my sister had taken a snap of me being groomed by the goat earlier in the holiday.)
'I think she is called 'Bella' I say to my sister and brother in law later when the ruckas has died down. 'It's what the farmer was calling her when he was tring to catch her in the veg patch.'
'Erm..what you probably heard 'ella!'' says Steven.
'It's Greek for 'come here!' says my sister.
It's just not quite Narnia, is it.   And I haven't yet told you about the terror of the Turtles...da da daaaaa...

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The Bug said...

Aw I like that you set her free for just a bit :)