Monday, 26 November 2007


I am feeling discombobulated. This is partly because I am trying to watch old CSI (forensic porn for pathologists), write a presentation for a job interview on Wednesday and ignore a creepy cold that has scratched the back of my throat and is now sitting on my chest deciding whether or not to go in for the kill. Also partly, I fear, my default setting actually is ‘discombobulation’.

The presentation for the job interview is on disability and culture in 2015…what do I think it will encompass and in what way will I have ..errr ...added to the mess…erm…put in my tuppence worth. You know what I mean. (My, how the words are flowing).

I wanted to make it into a bit of a performance, add a bit of drama to the tediousness of standard job interview procedure given this is about culture dontchaknow.….I thought I could start by blindfolding the panel and shouting ‘That levels the playing field a bit you bastards!!’ Then jumping straight in with my disabled joke of the week
‘I say, I say, I say…How do cripples make love?
They rub their crutches together.’
However after careful consideration and having a more intense squint at the Disability Agenda from the Disability Commission and the job description I think something a little more…I dunno… formal. Something that won’t get me arrested perhaps?

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Nidhi said...

Somehow - when I went to sleep last night - I could just imagine the pain that you described in the eye - and it must be a tormenting pain, I couldnt handle it I dont think.... anyway, just to say I enjoy your blog - Amrita had it up on facebook, and more than that I love your attitude... and grit and i kinda like the crutches joke...