Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Year all round.

So here I am in the next year of my life.
To tell you the truth it feels a little bit like the last one only a bit stiffer.
As still feeling hungover from lovely gentle birthday bash in rain I will keep this short. Also will have to get a decent nights sleep as I promised myself I would start running again in the mornings. What kind of an idiotic birthday gift to self is that? Why didn't I promise myself more time to write or less spent on organic food and more on decent wine? Ah well..perhaps that will all happen too.
More soon me dears.


Janelle said...

happy birthday darlin'!!!! love THe Pic!!! snowed under with family so a little blog visit before bed..its late...but yes,,, LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!! lots love xxx janelle

Suzie said...

happy birthday I say it quietly so as not to disturb your hang over. Dang you are old old old!