Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chips on shoulder

Apologies for not much blog this week. I have been fretting over money and job applications and haven’t been able to write anything without whining.

Upside of being broke:

Reacquainting oneself with the marvels of the potato.

Rediscovering the needle and thread.

Even more quality time at home.

Downside of being broke:

Cutting down on loose men and liquor.

Becoming allergic to potatoes.

Not being able to sew


tinku said...

Loose men are not going anywhere soon so they will be aplenty when you are ready. :)

Miranda said...

Could you not try to turn this into a money spinner? Like a sponsored potato eating marathon. Hmmm... Maybe you could invent a new potato dish? Sell it on to Jamie or Delia?

Our early Kapani days we had about 30 different bully beef recipes.

Hope it doesn't last too long. xx

Chimera said...

Ahhh I remember bully beef! Always interesting to guess what bit of the cow it came from.
How about I make potato gin??
Ta Amrita nand Miranda!
T xx

Suzie said...

Sewing requires in out in out a lot like men. Oops did I say that?