Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back in the flat.

Hey there! How was your Christmas/ Hanukah/ holiday season? I’m back in Cambridge. Its cold outside, grey as concrete with frost in the air. 2009 seems tentative, nervous like my brother and my mum’s partner who like lunatics decided to swim in the sea on Christmas day! I kindly stayed out of their way and took photos.

Bro and John (avec Xmas hat) and the freezing sea! Luckily it was gorgeously sunny!

I was in Cabrille, Spain in a wooden cabin in a semi deserted holiday resort with my Mum, John and my Bro. We somehow managed around the little central table eating and drinking and catching up on all things. Mum had decorated the little cabin with treasures they had collected from all over Europe including oranges from Seville and pine cones from the forests of Croatia. The weather turned stormy on Boxing day so beach walks were out but we got to the lovely city of Tarragona for paella.
The only down side was the mattresses in the ‘kid’s' room where Bro and I slept. They seem to have been filled with powdered brick and were slightly convex which meant if you didn’t cling on you slipped off and if you clung on bits of your body went numb. Consequently I didn’t get much sleep in and was rather emotional on the flight back when once again I was bought a wheelchair when I requested assistance. Thanks to Mum and John for being so supportive during my 'where is the dignity in disability' rant. You rock.

My Beautiful Mum!

Christmas Bro.
Well, as I am a bit post holiday flat and anxious about editing my book, bombs in Gaza, finding a living wage and my photography project for Feb; (I have the new camera! it is gorgeous but I have yet to figure out how to take a photo on it), I will sign off for the moment. Thanks for coming back for a read after my few days away! I'll catch up on all things and be back with you later in the week.


Susan said...

Wow: that looks like SUCH a fun Christmas!

Congratulations on the new camera, and good luck!

Katherine said...

I love the Christmas hats! Two on you! :-) and that silly little silver perched atop your bro's shaved head! And John swimming with one on - that's a novelty! Take care of you!

Nao said...

Welcome home! I must tell you, you've been missed out here in blog land. Things haven't been as funny as usual without your fabulous and hilarious perspective on this wild world. Can't wait to here more about your book~

Miranda said...

Ah welcome home! You have been missed. Bestets for 2009 - hope she sings for you

Janelle said...

great you're back T! been missing ya! looked like fun...and whew the sea looked cold...very funny pics! heaps of love xxx j

family affairs said...

Welcome back and great photos x

Chimera said...

Thanks everyone! pleased to BE back and trying to get back into the blogging swing! Glad you like the hats... Will check out your news shortly!
T x

Suzie said...

Your mom looks great. Welcome back