Monday, 19 January 2009

Barack At Bloody Last!

Tomorrow is Barack Obama’s day! Poor sod. What a world he inherits from the Twit and the Demon Cheney. But he can do it, right?


So we are going to partaaayyyy in our rusty little British hearts, we are going to sing in the bath and have extra toast, we will wear clean socks and we may even make eye contact with our neighbours…well okay possibly a BIT far.

So lets raise a glass to America tomorrow and cross, fingers, eyes and toes that the inauguration in wonderful and what follows leads to better things all over.


Janelle said...

totally he can. he had better. or else. you know what we'll all be saying? me neither. we're headed to a bar to go and watch The Television. a contraption we haven't yet quite evolved into buying. and shan't. but wouldn't miss watching this great moment for anything! heaps of love darlin'! XXX j

Val said...

have extra toast - in both senses!
we will :-)

Suzie said...

I am so happy and proud. Finally I can be proud to be an American again.

Nao said...

Yes, to better things then~

tschaka said...

I'm going to a debate tonight asking whether anything like Obama could happen in this country.

Reya Mellicker said...

He definitely is like some kind of super hero. Michelle, too. They are so elegant and so awesome.

Wooooo hooooo!